Overview of bobtemplates.plone features, compatibility and installation.


bobtemplates.plone provides a mr.bob template to generate packages for Plone projects.

To create a package like collective.myaddon

pip install bobtemplates.plone
mrbob -O collective.myaddon bobtemplates.plone:addon

You can also create a package with nested name space

mrbob -O bobtemplates.plone:addon


With the plonecli, we have a nice commandline client for bobtemplates.plone. We highly recommend to use the plonecli, because it adds auto completion and some nice helpers to bobtemplates.plone.


packages created with bobtemplates.plone use the current best-practices when creating an add-on and does all of boilerplate for you.

Provided templates

  • addon
  • behavior
  • content_type
  • indexer
  • portlet
  • restapi_service
  • subsriber
  • svelte_app
  • theme
  • theme_barceloneta
  • view
  • viewlet
  • vocabulary
  • buildout
  • theme_package [deprecated] >> Please use the theme_barceloneta sub-template!


For the full list of supported templates/subtemplates, you can use: plonecli -l


Add-on’s created with bobtemplates.plone are tested to work in Plone 4.3.x and Plone 5. They should also work with older versions but that was not tested. It should work on Linux, Mac and Windows.


Installation in a Virtualenv

You can also install bobtemplates.plone in a Virtualenv.

pip install bobtemplates.plone

With pip 6.0 or newer mr.bob will automatically be installed as a dependency. If you still use a older version of pip you need install mr.bob before bobtemplates.plone.

pip install mr.bob

Use plonecli and bobtemplates.plone

You can use the bobtemplates now with the plonecli:

plonecli create addon src/
cd src/
plonecli add content_type
plonecli build test serve
mrbob bobtemplates.plone:addon -O
cd src/
mrbob bobtemplates.plone:content_type
virtualenv .
./bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
./bin/instance fg

Changing the default Python and Plone versions

By default you will build a virtualenv with Python2.7 and a buildout Plone 5.2. You can change this by customizing the buildout.cfg to extend one of the other test file, like test_plone43.cfg. Also you can change the requirements.txt to point to another constraints file like constraints_plone43.txt.

Additional information on plonecli and mrbob

See plonecli and mr.bob documentation for further information.

Installing and using it in a buildout

parts += mrbob

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =

This creates a mrbob-executable in your bin-directory. Call it from the src-directory of your Plone project like this.

../bin/mrbob -O bobtemplates:addon

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